English Speaking Club ONLINE/ Розмовний клуб, англійська мова

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Wrocław, Stare Miasto

Ogłoszenie dodane: 22.05.2022

120,00 zł

Dear pupils, students and their parents!
The holidays are approaching and for the majority of children it is a time of relaxation, watching a variety of videos/films, reading books and meeting friends. What if you add English lessons to this list? I would suggest that we work in a conversation club, where we will:
1) Learn new and practice an already known vocabulary;
2) Develop topics that are relevant to pupils;
3) Watch interesting video materials;
4) SPEAK IN ENGLISH, thereby improving your skills in the language.
All this and much more awaits you in the speaking club.

Students at a level above B1, mostly grade 10 and 11 and
Students who want to ensure that the language is not "forgotten" during the holiday.

120 zl.
We operate at a fee for the month in advance, you pay once and we work 4 times a month.

Where are we going to have classes?
Zoom platform, so that you can join from any region.

When do we start?
Classes start from June 6, 2022.

If you still have questions - ask me personally, writing to the email address or a private message here. Do it in English, please.

Places are limited, hurry up).

Let`s improve your English together!

120,00 zł




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